Beau: Last Day

The way I write, the way I thinks its all because of you,

Its you encouragement and support that brings best out of me.

On this Valentine I am thinking all that things you have done,

To make my life more interesting, excited and blessed.

So I can share with you my hops my dreams,

Even the secrets that I never shared with anyone.

We create a new bond with each other,

Teasing, teaching and ecstatic fever in each other.

I wrote the poems for you only because I care,

and I will write the poems for you only If I dare.

I would like to tell you that how I like you from head to toe,

and you know its true because honey I am telling so.

you are always with me no matter what I do,

You will be my valentine anyway “mai rahu na rahu”

I tried my best to express my love from day 1 to now,

Poems for you in the last week reflects something strong,

which have fragrance of  rose from the rose day,

Courage from the propose , flavour from chocolate.

Warmness form the teddy and faith from promise,

closeness of hug and softness of kiss 😉

Loving you without intention and caring for you without expectation.

I wish you could be mine, I wish we can have Joyful years to come.

I wish we reached to new height of success with our unusual love story.

So I had to ask you, will you be my valentine ?







Her Birthday :

The best time of the day prescribed by fashion as suitable for relatively formal social events held in the evening that the time we are seating not in multinational cuisine or cafeteria, just seating with her in office canteen.

Now’s the best time you’ll ever have in life to get ahead! that’s blink in my mind. So what you want to eat she asked ? My heart says tell her “I will have you for my life” but as of now I told her your favourite pasta.

Next expected question How did you know about my favourite food ? gently I replied saw you eating once but the face is darling I am behind you from day 1 and noticing each thing you eat, you were, you hangout with, your nature and blah blah but for now I kept it simple.

I am so nervous that keep fooling around the things when she is seating just front of me and we have a surprise visit again to interrupt us, frankly interrupting me from here because he is her friend. They started talking and I keep staring at her and rest focus on how she eat pasta she enjoy every bit of it. Oh God!! I love her…….

After 20 minutes of there talking her friend moved out and that it from my lovely date where I didn’t spoke just stare which I did previously too.

My thoughts are free to go anywhere, but it’s surprising how often they head in your direction kunika.


First step:

“Do you know what it’s like to like someone so much you can’t stand it and know that they’ll never feel the same way?”

Days are moving so fast but her glimpse remain in my mind constantly. After thinking so many ideas to talk with her but I failed.

It was a bright morning usual day for me but when I reached at office every one is wishing he and she is like an angel with best outfit or I can say outfit is so lucky because she wore it that day.

Thoughts continuous to occurred in my mind somehow I can talk with her, somehow I can wish here that on her birthday, finally with stop all the thought, went towards her a wish here “Happy Birthday Kunika” with a pleasant smile and cute  gesture she replied ‘Thanks’.

Guess next idiotic dialogue comes from my mouths is ‘Party’ and she again positively yes and I thought this is it “from last one month I am trying to find way to talk with her and finally she agreed to have meal with me.

Happiness and joy run over my body and again started dreaming about the non technical date with Kunika!!!!!






Beau : Kiss day


Transfer of feelings, Transfer of breaths

Transfer of worries, transfer of stress

Your tongue; our amazing grace, miss the taste of your taste.

The kiss happened like a dream, the kiss was ours to embrace.

I want to kiss you slowly and tenderly all over you lips

I want to kiss gently gingerly down to your hips. :*

Beau : Hug Day

We share a lot of memory together
We share a lot of love together
When you first hug me on you were in your toes, I still remember that.

Hug makes us feel lighter
Hug makes our future brighter
Hug is all what I need that all is my greed.

Can give you comfort and cosiness with it
Can give you craziness with it

There Is One Gift Which Can’t Be Given
Without Taking It Back…
That Is Why I Give You Hug……

Beau : Promise day

I can’t promise to solve your problems, I can’t promise that there will be no tears on your face.

I can’t promise to give good time, I can’t promise to make you happy all time

I can only Promise That I Will Never let you to face problems alone,

I can only promise that I will hold your hand when you fall

I can only promise that I will be there to wipe the tears when they fall

I can only promise that I will be with you all the time

We meet because of our destiny and our faith hold us together for the years to come

I can promise only this for the precious day that loving without intention and caring without expectation that’s all I can serve you!!!!!!!!!!!

Beau : Teddy day

I wish I am the teddy that you need forever and ever

You can hug me while you feel low, you can take me anywhere, to cuddle up with you

My lot in life could be share, if I would be your teddy bear

You can kiss and make me sleep beside you when you feel alone

My lot in life could be share, if I would be your teddy bear

Softness of teddy makes his so special for a kind

I am so soft for you because my love for you is so high

But, a lot could be share, if I would be a teddy bear …