First Sight

It was rainy day moistness in the air when I first entered into the workplace. Many questions running in my mind Is working in the start-up will help me? or It was my mistake to leave a start up within six months? Then dude has to earn for surviving you are at right place and keep saying to myself to boost confidence and that’s the only thing will keep me here for a long time.

Boring !!!! damn Boring training session at this it simple as that we are here to say and you are to listen the just get lost nothing was good except the atmosphere around and then the best part of training come in every two-hour there is a meal break.

In the cafeteria, everyone is busy in clicking pics as the rainy season and slow breeze sets a perfect background for that, until that moment I thought why I am here?

Suddenly a group of 5 taking pictures and while drinking coffee, I saw a beauty that how we call a girl and she deserves this compliments.

A girl with white full sleeves top and denim jeans water droplets on her cheeks and cute smile on face, her eyes just lit up and shows extraordinary expressions for every picture that her friend took and I keep seeing that for a long time and I just want to know her name.

Suddenly a guy keeps the hand over her shoulder and with the warmness, they went out, After seeing that it seems she is happy with that guy the why still I want to know her name? I kept telling myself dude not again!!!!!!!!

She is standing just next to me in a lift and I just want to say you are the cutest  I have seen in this place and I just want to know your name?

Suddenly a guy said Hi  “Kunika” and the same girl whom I am following replied Hi… with the cutest smile which can flat any man.

So it’s Kunika… the name and image stay with me for that day and I started liking the workplace too :).












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