Her Hangover

Kunika Kunika the name kept running through my mind for the day, without talking to her, started feeling like she is more than a mere friend to me luckily we belongs to some office so it give me more time to stare at her and her beauty.

As I saw lastly she is hanging out with particular guy, might be they were into relationship or friends. Why I am thinking about here more ?

Work at office is same like robots we work with certain targets of the day and have to achieve that till the day come to end. It starts with boring pre shift in which they try to clear the prospects what we are here for and how we will finish that job.

I was punctual at office and she can’t come on time that’s what I have observe so for and my staring continuous during working hours or break time, I just want to see her and trying to figure out ways to talk with her.

Time is become tougher for me because after spending so many days in my thought process I was unable to talk with her and want her more than friend if this continuous I have to leave this job…..



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