Beau: Last Day

The way I write, the way I thinks its all because of you,

Its you encouragement and support that brings best out of me.

On this Valentine I am thinking all that things you have done,

To make my life more interesting, excited and blessed.

So I can share with you my hops my dreams,

Even the secrets that I never shared with anyone.

We create a new bond with each other,

Teasing, teaching and ecstatic fever in each other.

I wrote the poems for you only because I care,

and I will write the poems for you only If I dare.

I would like to tell you that how I like you from head to toe,

and you know its true because honey I am telling so.

you are always with me no matter what I do,

You will be my valentine anyway “mai rahu na rahu”

I tried my best to express my love from day 1 to now,

Poems for you in the last week reflects something strong,

which have fragrance of  rose from the rose day,

Courage from the propose , flavour from chocolate.

Warmness form the teddy and faith from promise,

closeness of hug and softness of kiss 😉

Loving you without intention and caring for you without expectation.

I wish you could be mine, I wish we can have Joyful years to come.

I wish we reached to new height of success with our unusual love story.

So I had to ask you, will you be my valentine ?







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