22 November

The date was awesome not this one but the last time I spent time with kunika on her birthday. She was fresh as rose and due to her deodorant still feeling her presence. Again I start to think how can I spend more time with her?

God shows a way for that, her best friend went off for a week and I know that this is the time I can show her that I am not dump as seen. I can impress her at any time just want to have perfect time and place for that.

In the mean time I came across to some good persons and they become my good friends and only the thing left Kunika to join in, with god grace she did.

It was 22nd of November, we were doing our routine work in office and she is siting just next to me. We started talking in positive way and in the meantime, one of my good friend sneak in and passed the comment “you both belong to same caste and look good together” why don’t you move on together.

It was a silence first and in my mind it’s like, I love you man you are my brother. She said shut up and we lough loud.  On that day I got appreciation for 20 out of my 80 mails and because lady luck sitting next to me and I told her that (She is dam cute man I love her).

Its 5 in the evening we are going for a cup of tea and she is with us in her blue pullover and sneezing in cold. How pretty she looked, with a cup of tea and snakes we share good time and clicked photos and then the biggest thing happened enjoy created it was 22nd of that month.

We went down on the work floor and I tried to speak shit out of my mouth just for the sake that she keep taking with me. At last she ask “I don’t think you were serious with that same caste remark” like a good kid I said “stupid no”. How could you say that, should told her yes baby I love you and blah blah but time gone she went.












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