Big Decision

We keep calm while the tough face and take decisions accordingly but when you are in love with someone then taking decision is so simple because the only things left is to be with the beloved one.

Kunika was one of the weak point and everybody among my friends knows that, after the last instance things changes  and we are very slow to repair that loss due to lie. Virat scores 5 consecutive tons in Australia against Australia in test which is tuff task and anushka was there for his support everyone praises that but one bad innings and suddenly she became curse. I know kunika is my lucky charm but I never try to express this in front of everyone because one bad thing can destroy it all.

Things move to fast in life, when you love a person you used to make everything to make her happy that what I did. I know his best friend love her but I make her to meet him and look like it does not impacted me but at that time I became use to it. One day I asked her if he propose you what will you do? She is like if he had then I would had said yes, most heart breaking thing you want to listen is that she is ready to accept the proposal of other guy.

In between my birthday has passed and she is the first one to wish me as she is singing birthday song for me and my heartbeat raised with slight tears in my eyes, I again looked upwards and thanks brother (God) for this thing. They (Super 8) planned a surprise birthday treat for me as we went there and for the first time she hugged me it was mind blowing as her cheeks were just next to mine and she was to happy, after party I drop her at her place and thanks all for the treat.

Its starting of January and one of my friend called me that if you need a good job then can join this company and I was in sleep told him that ok I will be there for interview. I went there and completed my interview and they were so happy with that and accepted me as there employee.

They proposed me with two option either I can join in there company from the next day and get INR 15000 bonus as I am losing my PF there at the old company or I can join from next month with no bonus no PF. At that time 15000 is big amount for me I can pay 3 months of education loan instalment in one shot or I can buy a IPhone or I can have a second hand bike there are many task in my life but at that instant I thought spending 25 days with kunika that will much of the worth that INR 150000 as bonus and with no hesitation, I have selected the second option I will join the new organization with no bonus but with good memories. This is one of the big decision of my life as no one still knows about it not even my parents.

I put my resignation in the old organization and inform this to super 8 and one thing I am sure that I will enjoy the rest of the time so that never ever in my life I can regret on the decision of INR 15000.

Bonding between kunika and me is increased day by day and my love also increased for her as I keep singing the only song for her “ Agar tum saath ho”……tere nazaro mai mere sapne tere sapne mai main razi….




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