Did she felt the same?

Its last day in office for me and I word the orange colour shirt because kunika likes that, as I picked her and we went together. I was a bit emotional as it’s my nature and I cannot change that as everyone from super eight come to me and talked about it. As we were eating breakfast and her best friend arrived at cafeteria she leave me there only and went with him, knowing that it was my last day and at that instant I make the decision not going to take to her from the next day because I cannot myself every time.

I fought with everyone to prove the kunika is the girl I can trust and she can never lie to me and she will stand with me when I need her at most but at that instant I am cursing myself and bursting out in anger. As she came back and asked me what happen? I burst out my anger and tell her what she has done and what is going to be consequence but a guy can never make a girl upset whom he love the most. I talked to her again and make things between us more comfortable, but the super eight were not happy with her because of this.

As the hours completed, I came out of the floor after meeting with everyone and the just touching the floor as a hindu tradition because this place gave me money, friends, education and most importantly kunika. We walked together as all gathered we went for a small get together and hours pass so quickly at the end of party I hugged her and said take care kunika, I am really going to miss you and I was about to say I love you but again I stopped myself.

One of my friend cum brother come to me and said you feel good after talking to her and I replied yes then don’t stop talking to her because no one matter for you when it came to kunika’s comfort. I know he is saying the truth, I acknowledge this and went home and texted kunika again take care.

As I moved to new office, I had never expected that kunika and I going to get more in touch as we used to talk on call for hours in night for weeks and share a good time but god gives you a roller coaster ride, I called her one day she is crying I don’t know what happen ? But I just want to know everything.

He proposed me? I asked who. My best friend and I tell her it’s going to happened I told you earlier. I was curious to know her reply but she said I don’t gave him answer asked for more time and my anger level went so high. I could she do this and if she is going to be with him then why is she talking to me?

As It happened in past, I compose my anger in positive way and let her take decision either me or him because I am not that kind of person who can be an option of anyone.  We did not talked much about this for two days just morning messages but somewhere in my heart I am missing her.

On the third day she text me and we started talking like stranger and I don’t want to waste time asked her can I make a call at this hour? She replied yes.

As the call start she is expecting that I want to know about the decision she replied I refused his proposal. It’s a sign of relief for me but I did not said anything more about it and diverted the point but somewhere I just want to listen from her. Did she feel the same for me due to which she refused the decision or it’s just her choice not make boyfriend let there be friend in life?

One thing I know is that God is not going to come down to help you out from this, you have to make way of your own without hurting anyone and this is the most difficult task it can be for an emotional individual like me.

Kunika can tell me that I don’t love but I can be a trusted one for you, I know she is but she never said this thing at that night and as girls are unpredicted, I too not force her for anything to say just cut the call and slept calmly after two days.


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