This day big change in my life, as it’s like learning from love. Kunika was just sitting next to me in one of my friends flat and I don’t know what going to happen in the next second. As I asked her to watch movie with me and as she sit just next to me, I just move one of my hand over her head so she can put her neck and rest in my arms.

As we were sharing the beautiful time,  she is enjoy the movie but for me it’s her closeness that matters and she just kept her head on my lap and watched the rest of the movie, I was looking at her all the time and acknowledging the god’s creation and her cuteness.

My heart say common don’t miss this time at least let her know you love her so much and what she matters to you. It take me 2 hour to think should I go for it or not and finally, I moved my lips towards her ears and tell kunika are you sleeping? She said no. I just want to tell you that this is the best time I have ever had thanks for coming today and ………. I  LOVE YOU …….. (I mange that after a long wait of 4 months). She replied Thank you for loving me (frankly I am expecting more words from her but she always did the same thing).

As we are about to sleep, I was just laying right next to her with a bit confidence raised my palm on her cheek and said I am expecting something more. She replied there is no sense in going into all this stull I am going to marry in next few months (did she just said marry) my dreams shattered there only but my heart is not ready to give up.

I was unable to sleep for the whole night as she is sleeping right next to me, can feel her breath on my forearm and looking at her sleepy face I feel in love again with a girl who is going to marry someone in next few months.

Many things going in my mind and waiting for the morning. Its 10 AM and she was awake and sitting close to me and we were talking some shit, suddenly I break the terms and asked I am addicted to you, attracted towards you… do you not felt the same or a bit like that?

No I did not felt any of this stuff (My heart shrink that time) she replied straight way because if I started liking anyone then I want it or else I will cry (baby I don’t want to make you cry but at least say you felt the same).

In terms of percentage how much I impressed you, 80% she replied (God is this not enough for be a boyfriend even government jobs % is less than that) and then I tell her at last you looking amazing while you sleep.



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