Lie Hurts

If life is so simple that is can have a different name, hurdles in life are increasing day by day and the only good thing I had are super eight my beloved friends include kunika. I changed many of ideology at the young age just for the sake that it will make my life better. One of the thing among them is I must tell truth to everyone whether it’s good or bad and I followed the same with Kunika and expected the same from her. In this world don’t expect anything from anyone because it can raise the level of your expectation and it will break you one day.

We were sharing a lot of memories since we are spending most of office time talking to each other but every story has a villain and mine has many. The most awkward guy and hated guy of the floor is somehow kunika’s best friend and as I saw them together I got to know that there is more than friendship. I followed my ideology and asked kunika that I think you were in relationship with him?

She cleared the whole scenario and if you listen to her prospect it seems that they are friends and the way he usually behave with her is not in a good manner, I always felt bad about after seeing all that but at that moment I am not one to interrupt. My intuition again said that guy loves her and she think he is just a mere friend. God why me???

It’s a normal day in office and I looked at kunika she was late as used, with pure white top full sleeves and black jeans and some on her front hairs are making me feel like its heaven. I just want to hug her but I just keep my thought within my mind and acknowledged her by waving my hand with her killing smile she replied love her.

I tried my level best to sit next to her but I can’t do that as we shared good talks and its lunch I went to her and asked for the lunch but she replied that have committed with her best friend for the lunch and I just went out with super 7, this does not make anything bad because its individual choice to whom they want to share the lunch.

As we came back and started working she came back from lunch, directly come towards my system and we keep talking and suddenly one of her friend come and said “We called you for lunch but you never listen to us when you were with him and stared smiling” and she told in symbols to him “don’t speak this in front of him and they went out” that was so frustrating and painful for a second my whole world broke down.

When she come back to me, I just broke down and told exactly what I see and what I felt and shout at her and send her back to her system but she tied to explain everything and cried but frankly at that time my anger level is so high her tears not impacting me. After an hour or so she is seating quite on her system and upset. Just for the thing I love her and I can’t lose her, I went to her and said sorry for being rude but for some days things were not same as they were in past between us. She knows that as I felt very bad and I cried a lot that day.

When you are love with someone and they hurt you, try to make the mistake correct so I did always, she repeated sort of same things for the few times, I just let her know that I felt bad and if she can stop doing this stuff in future then her relationship is going to be good. The first time I cried, second time I punched the wall like hell and I can feel the pain any time when I thought about that instance.



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