Things Changed

We keep seating next to each other for the next few weeks and it like two way communication now. As my intuitions are almost correct I know somewhere she can be in relationship with someone, and if she is then I should respect her decision and make her confident because I can’t lose her just for the sake she had someone more important in her life.

We were enjoying the time and sharing a lot of personal memories as it’s my nature to do so. I asked her do you have boyfriend. She told me sort of she like a guy and the guy do the same it’s more often like a relationship, time stopped for me and with tears almost in my eyes I just changed the topic and said wao that great. I was so curious to know, who is the guy the one who is in our office, most of the colleagues told me about them.

Yesterday night was bad, I was not able to sleep and decided to quit the job ASAP because I can’t see her with someone else In front of me. As I went to office, she told me about his boyfriend the story and name and the guy was in our office he just left. Knowing all the thing about that guy I lie to her and said good choice. I could have told her that he is not a good person to be with but I am not that kind of guy.

As I informed that I am planning to leave the job, within few seconds she come with a brilliant question… you are leaving this job because you got to know that I am in relationship and this time with heavy heart I told her yes.

She reacted in a good manner told me not to leave the job but at that hour of time, I have already posted my updated resumes to some consultancy and websites. I told her that day, don’t know what’s going on with me but I feel happy with you so as I know that you are in relationship so I decided to quit this job.

As a social media addict just chating with fiends, a message blinked on my phone its kunika..

We broked L

Who ?

Me and he

Ok (I don’t know how to react on this)


Before sleeping that day, a thought came to my mind. Why she told me that thing?  She could have hide that or keep it to herself and I felt a bit of importance of mine to her life. Raised my finger towards sky said thanks brother to keep me alive (I was talking to god at that time :P)





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