Don’t ask to reveal mystery; Not today nor tonight

When you will; I also revel

When you smile; I also will

When you cry; I also will

I say yes if you kneel

That’s the day when mystery will be revealed

Mystery in the day Mystery in the night

My eyes stuck on you when you smile

I won’t let you cry nor will I

In the moonlight, I will hold your hand

To know the mystery in detail

If our stars will match no one can stop me to kneel beyond my princess

Man and Woman Couple Wearing Their Silver Couple Bond Ring

Under moonlight, behind this happy face; I hide many feelings

He holds my hand and steals every feeling

He is a thief as my feelings he is stealing?

From ignoring eye contact to hiding feelings

I tried to be mystery but now revealing

I hold you her hand to know the feelings

She pretended to busy that she doesn’t have feelings

But deep inside I know there is lot of mystery yet to be revealing

beautiful, couple, fashion



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